International Services

Air Physiotherapy have experience working with clients, their families and their doctors, outside of the United Kingdom.

In particular, we have travelled internationally to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi to provide specialist assessment and ongoing treatment for patients with breathing issues.

We also offer virtual consultations for clients who spend a portion of their time living abroad or for clients who live outside of London.

What we offer

Bespoke respiratory physiotherapy packages (6 visits*)

  • The aim of our packages are to improve the patient’s quality of life and independence through providing a bespoke respiratory rehabilitation programme over 6 weeks*.
  • Each programme is tailored specifically to the patient: their condition, their symptoms and their goals.
  • As an example, our packages include:
    • thorough initial assessment including spirometry, baseline and ambulatory oxygen requirements, airway clearance assessment and a physical assessment.
    • introducing a bespoke treatment programme consisting of:
      • cardiovascular and strength based exercises which are tailored to the physical abilities of the patient.
      • a bespoke airway clearance regime.
      • breathing exercises and lifestyle advice to promote optimal breathing mechanics as well as breathlessness management.
      • education regarding anatomy, lifestyle choices, and the role of respiratory physiotherapy intervention to promote adherence and long-term health.

*duration and frequency of packages can be discussed depending on the patient’s condition and visiting logistics.

Bespoke respiratory physiotherapy assessment and treatment plan (1 or more visits)

  • Initial visit to the patient in their country of origin to provide a bespoke respiratory assessment and treatment plan.
  • Close liaison with the patient, their family and any medical professionals involved with the patient’s care throughout.
  • Handover of proposed treatment plan to all involved medical and healthcare professionals.
  • Follow-up telephone or video call after the visit with the patient, or their family / medical professionals.
  • Follow-up international visits can be planned depending on the client’s and their family’s wishes and the patient’s clinical need.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

What Our Patients Say

“I was referred for long COVID and Air Physio have been extremely helpful. I would highly recommend.”
Long COVID patient
“My physio was extremely helpful when I was experiencing breathing issues related to anxiety. She listened to my concerns very patiently and taught me exercises to control my breathing. I would very much recommend Air Physio’s approach to anyone experiencing similar issues.”
Breathing Pattern Re-education patient

“I have been having physio sessions with Air Physiotherapy for many months now and it is safe to say they have been nothing short of a revelation. The staff are not only super friendly and accommodating but extremely knowledgeable.”

Airway Clearance and Home visit patient

“I can’t thank Air Physio enough for helping me to finally sort out my breathing problems after a five month struggle with COVID-19. I was beginning to think that I would never be able to breathe normally again. I have gone from not being able to take a complete breath to running and hiking again.”

Long-COVID patient
“I would recommend going to see Air Physiotherapy if you are suffering from any kind of breathing pattern disorder, as the physios are excellent at what they do. I’ve seen many different doctors and none of them have been able to help me at all until I found Air Physiotherapy. Thank you!”

Breathing Pattern Re-education patient
“I recommend Air Physio to anyone with breathing issues, my physio was incredible! She not only told me the technique of how to manage my breathing issue and to get it better, she helped me truly understand how breathing works. On top of that she made me feel very comfortable and she is really down to earth.”

Breathing Pattern Re-education patient

If you would like to know more about how Air Physiotherapy can help you, please get in touch.