Latest News Covid recovery breathlessness

Are you experiencing breathlessness & anxiety as part of your Covid recovery?

We’re finding that many people are struggling with feeling very breathlessness and anxiety as part of their Covid-19 recovery. This is perfectly understandable because the virus is a disease that affects the respiratory system. We also understand that this ongoing breathlessness can cause alarm and anxiety, especially if you had no respiratory issues prior to

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Latest News Covid-19 services from Air Physiotherapy

Browse our COVID-19 services to see how Air Physiotherapy can help

There are a number of ways we can help those who have had Covid-19: Breathing pattern re-education Breathing pattern re-education is suitable for those who: had Covid-19 symptoms but feel their breathing hasn’t returned to ‘normal’ are feeling as though they can’t get an adequate or satisfying breath are feeling panicked or anxious about their

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breathing pattern disorderLatest News Breathing pattern analysis

Here to help with your breathing pattern issues.

We’re here to help those with breathing issues and in particular – breathing pattern disorders. People may experience a change in their breathing for lots of different reasons. Take a moment to think about how your breathing changes when you’ve sprinted up the stairs compared to if you are sat watching TV for example. However,

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