Bekah Arkle
Respiratory Physiotherapist


Bekah is a specialist respiratory physiotherapist, currently working at Imperial NHS trust on trauma/medical critical care. She earnt her BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and Masters in Physiotherapy before beginning her career at St George’s hospital.

She works with patients in both critical care and respiratory medicine, including those with long-term conditions, such as, COPD, bronchiectasis, asthma and cardiac issues. Bekah also worked on the frontline throughout the pandemic so has assessed and treated people with acute and long covid.

In the acute setting, Bekah helps people who require early rehabilitation, complex airway management and respiratory muscle training. She also has lots of experience treating patients with dysfunctional breathing patterns (including hyperventilation syndrome) and those needing airway clearance strategies.

Bekah’s passion for exercise led her to be involved in the setting up and running of post-critical illness exercise classes at Imperial. Currently, she is completing a project to improve early, safe rehabilitation on ICU with an aim to promote holistic care and improve a person’s quality of life.

Bekah is part of our home visit team.