Jay Kaliaraju
Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist


Djeya ‘Jay’ works as the Clinical Lead for a Pulmonary Rehabilitation team in London and works as a post-COVID physiotherapist in a Long Covid clinic. With over 15 years of experience as a respiratory physiotherapist, Jay has worked at many esteemed institutions in London. He has worked in both inpatient, outpatient and community settings. In the hospital environment, he has worked as a respiratory physiotherapist in ITU, surgical, respiratory and rehabilitation wards.

His expertise includes managing respiratory patients in outpatient clinics, addressing conditions like breathing pattern disorder, managing patients with long COVID symptoms, providing airway clearance techniques for respiratory conditions like bronchiectasis, COPD and delivering pulmonary rehabilitation programs for patients with various chronic lung diseases. Due to his special interest in the respiratory area, Jay completed his Masters in Respiratory Disease Management in 2012 from Liverpool.

Jay is multilingual, fluent in several Indian languages, and is known for his friendly and kind approach.  Jay offers home visits in the evenings (certain days) and weekends around the Marylebone, Central London and Buckinghamshire area.