There are a number of ways we can help those who have had Covid-19:

Breathing pattern re-education

Breathing pattern re-education is suitable for those who:

Breathing pattern re-education

  • had Covid-19 symptoms but feel their breathing hasn’t returned to ‘normal’
  • are feeling as though they can’t get an adequate or satisfying breath
  • are feeling panicked or anxious about their breathing as a result of the above points
  • think they might be having episodes or periods of hyperventilation


Respiratory rehabilitation post-Covid-19

Suitable for those who:

– Have had a period of illness, either in hospital or at home, which means they need help with the following:

Respiratory rehabilitation

  • Reducing their shortness of breath doing various activities
  • Improving the strength of their breathing muscles
  • Weaning from oxygen or a mode of ventilation
  • Getting stronger so they can move around independently
  • Keeping their chest clear of secretions
  • We also work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure all aspects of your care and recovery are optimised
  • These visits are carried out in the home. All health and safety procedures in line with the governmental and professional advice regarding Covid-19 will be followed at all times.

– Have an underlying respiratory condition and would like help with

  • Keeping their chest clear of secretions to reduce their risk of infection
  • Staying active at home to improve their fitness and function
  • Thinking about lifestyle advice to ensure they are doing everything to optimise their condition and stay healthy in light of coronavirus

Airway clearance

Airway clearance is suitable for those who:

Airway clearance

  • Have an underlying condition which means they are susceptible to chest infections and/or produce a lot of secretions (phlegm)
  • Would like help managing the volume of secretions on their chest to reduce their infection risk and improve any shortness of breath
  • Are coughing throughout the day to clear their chest and do not have an airway clearance regime in place
  • Would like a review of their airway clearance regime in light of coronavirus