Type ‘mould in housing’ in Google and the search returns numerous articles about how poor housing stock in the UK is affecting the health of its inhabitants. From fears for the health of children coughing for months in Birmingham to a tenant with incurable lung disease ‘caused by mould’ suing Hackney council, up and down the country poor quality housing is being blamed for an increase in respiratory issues – so much so that mould complaints in England’s social housing has doubled over the last two years. The risk of mould to health is a serious one as it can lead to long term complications, including developing bronchiectasis.

Let’s focus on bronchiectasis…

Bronchiectasis is one of the conditions we treat here at Air Physiotherapy.

The most common symptoms of bronchiectasis are:

  • a productive cough (ie phlegm)
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • wheezing
  • chest or joint pain
  • frequent chest infections

One of the ways we support patients with bronchiectasis is by helping them effectively clear their lungs of secretions by using a variety of breathing techniques. This is important as infections can cause further lung damage, so keeping the lungs clean and clear is a fundamental part of the management of this condition. We also look at your lifestyle and your activity, ensuring you are as fit and active as possible.

The severity of symptoms can vary widely with some patients only experiencing a few symptoms that do not appear often, while others have wide-ranging symptoms that appear daily. For many patients with bronchiectasis, symptoms tend to get worse if you develop an infection in your lungs and we can provide support at any stage to help you.

Important points to remember

    • If you think your symptoms may be caused by fungus, especially if you are aware of damp or mould in your home, then you should make your GP aware of this at your appointment
    • While the effects of bronchiectasis can’t be reversed, a respiratory physiotherapy programme will help you learn how to manage your breathlessness, as well as helping you learn the correct breathing and postural drainage techniques for clearing the airways (which will also help prevent chest infections)

Our treatment packages

At Air Physiotherapy we offer treatment packages that are specifically designed to improve a patient’s quality of life and independence, especially when they have been diagnosed with a long term condition like bronchiectasis. The package will involve an intensive period of bespoke respiratory rehabilitation over a 6 week period*. Devised entirely for you – your own circumstances, your own condition and your own goals – you get peace of mind that what you’re doing is safe and right for you.

Each package includes:

    • a consultation where you will be thoroughly assessed to include:
      • spirometry, baseline and ambulatory oxygen assessment, airway clearance assessment and a physical assessment
    • a bespoke treatment programme that will include:
      • cardiovascular and strength-based exercises specifically tailored to your own physical abilities
      • a bespoke airway clearance regime
      • breathing exercises and lifestyle advice to promote optimal breathing mechanics
      • breathlessness management
      • symptom management
      • education to cover anatomy, lifestyle choices, and the role of respiratory physiotherapy plays in promoting adherence and long-term health
    • ongoing liaison with any relevant medical professionals as required.
    • life-long access to the respiratory rehabilitation treatment package including a library of exercises and advice

To find out more about our packages or to book in, call 0207 971 1464 or click here.

*the exact duration and frequency will be discussed with you at your initial assessment