Welcoming in 2024 at Air Physiotherapy

Wow… 2023 was a busy year! As we all get used to being in 2024, we thought we’d take a look back at how 2023 unfolded for Air Physiotherapy, including our new Breathing MOT service and expanding our clinic locations, and what we’re looking forward to for the coming year.

Focus on London

The demand for our services has been unprecedented in London – 2023 saw us achieve a whopping 3,800 appointments – and so we’ve responded to what our patients need by focusing our efforts on London. Our wonderful team continues to deliver exceptional care in our clinics, virtually, and in patients’ homes via our home visit service.

The Breathing MOT

In the latter half of the year we launched The Breathing MOT, our self referral service for patients who would like to have their breathing assessed and learn how to breathe optimally and establish their breathing foundation.

The Breathing MOT has been developed by respiratory specialists and is run by our team of expert physiotherapists who between them, have decades of experience working with patients with breathing issues. This unique service has been designed to offer a one-stop-shop in terms of assessing your breathing patterns, both at rest and on exertion, and will equip you with the tools you need to optimise the way you breathe in daily life. Our specialists can also advise and direct you to the most appropriate healthcare professional for further treatment, should it be required.

New location in Marylebone

Air Physiotherapy has been part of the UNTIL family since August 2022 and we’re super excited to expand our service at the new location in Marylebone! Launch week in November 23 was incredibly exciting, with a whole host of networking opportunities where we could showcase our service – the highlight of which was a fireside chat with Steven Bartlett. Steven shared some real insight into what he believes makes a successful healthcare business and it was fascinating and inspiring to hear what he thought about our service and where it could go!

We’re grateful to UNTIL for continuing to recognise, support and appreciate our niche service, and are even more excited about what we can offer our patients at our new site in Marylebone.

Looking ahead to 2024

We’re really excited about the year ahead and the opportunities in the pipeline, one of which is bringing The Breathing MOT to a brand new Sports Injury Treat, Citius, which is being held at the stunning Wilderness Reserve this month. The retreat is an opportunity for high performance athletes to accelerate their recovery after surgery or injury, and Air Physiotherapy is delighted to have been invited to offer our Breathing MOT service at the event. We can’t wait!

We also believe in constantly looking at whether we can do more for our patients, or do things differently, and we continually take steps where we can to improve our service. As part of this Emily undertook and completed the BradCliff Level 2 course from world leaders Bradcliff Breathing and changes are already underway in all our clinics to enhance what we offer to our patients clinically.

Thank you to all our colleagues, patients and everyone who has supported us. We look forward to busy 2024 ahead.

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