Stoptober is the annual campaign by Public Health England to try encourage smokers to stop smoking by giving up for the month of October.
Quitting smoking has a threefold benefit – you’ll feel healthier, your bank balance will thank you for the cash boost and you’ll also be protecting your nearest and dearest from the harmful effects of second hand smoke. With 1 in 2 long term smokers dying from a smoking-related disease, it’s the primary cause of 90% of lung cancer, which is the UK’s biggest cancer killer. It’s not just cancer either – smoking leads to serious lung conditions such as pneumonia and emphysema.
As a respiratory physio I support patients in their efforts to keep their lungs healthy. Being physically active helps maintain lung health, and if you’re a smoker, it really is never too late to give up.
There are some facts about Stoptober that I love:
  • 1 million people have already taken part in Stoptober and felt the benefits.
  • giving up your 20 a day habit will see you enjoy an extra £250 a month in your pocket!
  • quitting for 28 days has been proven to make you much more likely to go on to quit for good.

The most important thing to remember is that as soon as you stop smoking your body

will start to feel the benefits, and here’s how it continues to unfold:
  • After just 20 minutes smoke free, your raised heart rate reduces and your pulse returns to normal.
  • After 48 hours the nicotine has left your system and at 72 hours you’ll find breathing is easier as the airways start to relax.
  • Within 3-9 months your lung capacity could improve by as much as 10%, and after just a year your risk of lung disease will greatly decrease.
  • The best statistic is that after 15 years your risk of having a heart attack is the same as that of someone who has never smoked. (all figures from the NHS)
And it’s not just the positive effects on your health that make quitting smoking a sensible choice. Your sense of taste and smell will improve which means you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of food more, and for anyone trying to get pregnant, it’s highly likely your fertility levels will improve too.
So this October why not make that commitment to yourself, your family and your wallet and be part of the Stoptober campaign?!
Visit the Stoptober website or ask me for more details via the contact page!