The service we’ve offered here at Air Physiotherapy has undergone huge amounts of change since we first opened our doors in 2017. From home visits across London to face to face consultations at our state of the art location at UNTIL in Soho, we’ve always been focused on delivering the very best care to the patients that pass through our doors. But we know that some patients are not able to visit us in person – whether it’s because of their geographical location or that they’re simply not well enough to travel. And so we have offered virtual consultations since 2020 which means anyone can access our expertise from anywhere in the world!

We’ve had feedback from a number of patients about just how invaluable the opportunity to be treated via video call is for them, meaning they don’t need to undergo the stress of traveling into London to visit one of our clinics. It also means that those who don’t have access to our specific expertise in their local area aren’t excluded from receiving the care they need.

The flexibility and availability of these virtual sessions can’t be underestimated, with patients often finding that they are able to secure an appointment far sooner than if they had to see us face to face in clinic. And once treatment begins you can even choose a mix of virtual and face to face appointments, if needed and applicable.

But what can you expect from a virtual respiratory physiotherapy appointment? How does it work?

Thorough assessment and treatment strategies

Being able to deliver effective treatment to patients in a virtual world is a skill that has been carefully developed by our team of physiotherapists. Patients are assessed as accurately as possible via a detailed consultation. We will always ensure that virtual respiratory assessment is appropriate on an individual case by case basis and use a number of different methods to ensure we can gather all the information we need to properly assess you.

Your treatment is then devised in such a way that it can also be delivered and monitored remotely.

How does the first virtual respiratory physiotherapy appointment work?

Your physiotherapist will begin your session by taking some time to time understand more about you: the symptoms you are experiencing as well as your full medical history – this will normally be completed in the first half of the appointment.

The session will then move onto a physical assessment where you may be asked to lie down or sit comfortably. You’ll need to make sure that your camera is in the correct position so the physiotherapist can see you properly, but your physiotherapist will talk you through this. This will take up the second half of your appointment.

What happens next?

Once the first assessment is completed, your physiotherapist will design a treatment programme for you and may send you additional material to complete or videos to watch before your next appointment. They will schedule any follow up sessions with you, based on what their expertise tells them you need.

They will always ensure you’re looked after and that your treatment is convenient and flexible for you.

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