Accessing Air Physiotherapy’s respiratory physiotherapy services is simple – you don’t need to be referred and can book an appointment with us at any time. You can also choose what works best for you and your circumstances – we can provide assessment and treatment face to face in one of our clinics, virtually over video call, or in your home or hotel.

What happens during the first appointment?

During your first appointment, your physiotherapist will assess you to be able to understand:

  • The exact symptoms you are experiencing now and what it feels like
  • When your symptoms started
  • If you have tried anything to alleviate your symptoms and if so, what has worked for you
  • If you are taking any medications and if so, what they are
  • The results of any recent scans or tests you may have had

Your physiotherapist will then examine you:

  • Depending on your complaint, they may look at you lying down, sitting up, or moving around.
  • They may want to listen to your chest with a stethoscope if you have had / are prone to chest infections.
  • They will make a detailed observation of your breathing. When doing so, please to try and relax and breathe as normally as you can for you
  • They may need to feel for movement by putting their hands on your chest
  • They may ask you do perform a series of breathing exercises with their guidance.
  • Please be assured that they will not do anything that will cause you any pain or discomfort.
  • Our physios will aim to send you home with some exercises and advice to work on before you see each other again in order to improve your symptoms.

What to bring to your appointment

  • Please bring any medical reports we have not yet received by email with you
  • For all appointments, wearing a light t-shirt or strap top is really helpful for us to see your chest movement
  • Please bring any breathing adjuncts or devices that you use on a regular basis for airway clearance with you
  • If you have a tailored exercise session booked, please wear some comfortable exercise clothes and trainers

How can physios treat me virtually over video?

  • Our physios have been treating patients virtually over Zoom since March 2020. Over the last three years we have developed thorough assessment and treatment strategies to ensure all our patients are assessed as accurately as possible.
  • We have several methods in place to ensure we can gather all the information we need to assess you.
  • Y0u can learn more here!

Who is our home visit service for?

We offer home visits in the Greater London area to those who:

  • Have recently been discharged from hospital
  • Are unable to travel to our clinic
  • Would rather be seen in the comfort of their own home or hotel
  • Read more about what to expect from our home visit service here!

You will receive the same world class quality of service from a home visit – just in the comfort of your own home! Please enquire to see if we can travel to your area.

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